The beginnings of Lyme disease were first noticed in 1949 by Dr. Sven Hellerstrom.
He presented a paper that provided evidence showing that erythema and subsequent meningocerebrospinal symptoms could be linked to a tick bite.
Successful treatment from penicillin was also reported.
This illness was called Erythema chronicum migraines, or ECM.

Lyme Disease in the U.S.

ECM was first reported in the United States in 1970.
A physician bitten by a tick while he was grouse hunting in Wisconsin and had a skin reaction.
The attending physician, Dr. Rudolf Scrimenti, noticed that the skin reaction was similar to the lesions of European ECM.
He then treated the patient with penicillin, which proved successful. 

Meanwhile, in the towns of Lyme, Old Lyme and East Haddam of eastern Connecticut, 13 of the 51 residents had skin lesions that were considered unrelated to ECM. Since 1972, clusters of residents had been suffering an illness with symptoms of asymmetric swelling and pain in large joints, particularly the knee.
Since ECM in Europe was not associated with such arthritic conditions, the illness was thought to be new.
It was given the name of Lyme arthritis, later changed to Lyme disease.

The Struggle For Effective Treatment

In 1982 Dr. William Burgdorfer discovered Borrelia burgdorferi which is the causitive agent of Lyme disease and ECM. Lyme disease can be treated with some types of antibiotics, but the time of diagnosis plays a big role in how effective treatment is. Early Lyme disease can be treated orally, but late Lyme disease requires parenteral or a combination of parenteral and oral treatement. 

The problem with antibiotic treatment for Lyme disease is that treatment failures have been reported for every type of antibiotic used. Some are only temporarily effective unless they are applied over a period of months to even years!

The Most Effective Killer of Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme Disease)

It is essential to treat Lyme disease as early as possible, or else the disease can spread to the muscular, skeletal, cardiac and nervous systems. Some patients suffering from Lyme disease are refused extended antibiotic treatment because their physicians aren't able to associate their clinical manifestations with Lyme disease.

In addition to discovering the specific bacteria that causes Lyme disease, Dr. Burgdorfer also discovered that the most effective product for killing Borrelia burgdorferi is silver. Silver disables the enzymes used by bacteria, fungi, and viruses for their oxygen metabolism, which causes them to suffocate. In vitro studies showed a 100% killing effect on Borrelia burgdorferi within five minutes of exposure to a silver preparation.

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