Ragweed's all the rage here in Central Ohio, and allergy sufferers are hurting big time.
People like Dimitrious Stanley. "Stuffy nose, blurred vision, watery eyes," said Stanley. "I just stand there and they (eyes) just start watering for no reason."

Dr. Roger Friedman, of Ohio ENT and Allergy Physicians, says ragweed pollinates the second week of August, as the days start getting shorter. He says the pollen this year is one of the worst yet.

"We finally have a beautiful August, and because of that beautiful August we've had very little rain," he said. "The pollen has accumulated and the patients have become way more allergic through the time."

Dr. Friedman says failing to halt the hay fever can eventually lead to bigger issues.
"There are two really bad consequences," said Friedman. "Number one is ragweed allergies will often lead to patients getting sinusitis. And if they do wind up getting allergic sinusitis, it can be more problematic. It might lead to antibiotics, or it may lead to surgery, so you want to try to prevent that. And more commonly, especially in children, the worry is about ragweed allergies causing asthma."

How can you find relief? There are over the counter and prescription medications, or in severe cases, patients can go in for regular shots. Or you can just hole up in your house for the next couple of months.

Ragweed usually dies off with the first frost.

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