Joint damage is the major health concern these days. Major reason behind this facts is that we take our joints for granted. We start looking to them only when we start facing joint related problems but now it gets too late. They really make your life difficult if they start having problems. Once your joints start hurting, they make your bending, turning, lifting, sitting, standing, and every movement you do a painful exercise.

So try and keep your joints healthy. Here are few easy ways to do so,

Do not bend your knees more than 90 degrees
If you’re bending your knees for any reason, whether it is while doing yoga or swings, or just to pick up something from the floor, make sure that your knee is directly above your ankle, and not in front of it. Allowing your knee to go further than your ankle strains the ligaments in your knees, whereas aligning your knee and ankle properly balances your leg, hip and spine. Your leg should form a perfect ‘L’ shape.

Warm up before doing exercise or playing sport
Warming up gets your heart pumping and increases your blood circulation. This in turn prepares your muscles and joints for the activity you are about to do. If you exercise without warming up, your joints will still be stiff, making them more prone to injuries.

Wear properly fitted shoes
Heels do a lot of damage to the muscles, joints and ligaments, in your feet, legs, hips and back. Even poorly fitted shoes that do not support your feet properly end up doing more harm than good.

While jumping, bend your knees
When you hit the ground, there is a quaking impact on your bones, muscles and joints. In fact, research shows that the force of the jump may be five times your body weight. Bending your knees before you land can prevent your knees from getting injured because other parts of your legs, like your thighs and calves absorb some of the impact.

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