The struggle to maintain good joint health in order to keep up the activities we love as we get older has been laid bare in new research.

None of us can prevent ageing, but it's crucial that we do our best to maintain a healthy body, with a special emphasis on looking after our joints, which can degenerate over the years leading to mobility problems.

A fascinating new survey has found that Britons become increasingly aware of the importance of good joint health as they get older, but that all too many people don't do all they could to help their joints.

Seven out of 10 (70%) of respondents admitted they didn't do anything at all to protect their joints to stay mobile. However, while only 26% of 30 to 40 year olds said they tried to combat joint problems, this almost doubled to 46% for the 51 to 60 age group.

Just 28% of 30 to 40 year olds said they took supplements to help joint care, compared to 48% of 41 to 50 group and 57% of the 51 to 60 group. Similar numbers were found for eating foods which helped joints, such as fish, (29%, 40% and 55% respectively) and eating healthily and exercising to lose weight (23%, 33% and 38% respectively).

This is especially worrying given the serious effects of neglecting joint health. Nearly two thirds (64%) of respondents reported that they'd suffered increased joint issues, such as discomfort, stiffness and aches as they got older. More than a third (35%) of those surveyed admitted they had been forced to stop or reduce some physical activities, such as sports or hobbies because of joint niggles.

Joint discomfort increases with age, and in those aged 50 to 60, nearly eight in 10 (78%) of those polled said they'd had joint problems, while nearly half (44%) had been forced to cut back on activities. Nearly two in 10 (17%) of those aged 51 to 60 described their joints as 'unhealthy' and a further 3% said they were 'very unhealthy'.

Staying Mobile - Hobby Habits 
Healthy joints are essential for good living. Favourite activities among respondents included:
Swimming (25%)
Gardening (24%)
Walking the dog (23%)
Running and cycling (both 22%)

On average of 37.5 minutes a day is spent on these favourite hobbies. Gardening and dog walking were particularly popular with older people, with those in their 50's more than twice as likely to do them compared to those in their 30's.

Benefits of these activities were reported as: 
Feeling healthier (49%)
Losing weight (35%)
Better breathing (21%)

The key motivators for taking part in physical activities were keeping fit (47%), enjoyment (44%) and staying healthy (40%). Only 19% said that they did their activities primarily to maintain joint health. 

Regenovex is a unique combination of two key ingredients. The first, Bionovex Oil® is an extract of marine lipid oil derived from Green Lipped Mussels found only in the waters between North and South islands of New Zealand. It is particularly rich in eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA), an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids found only in Green Lipped Mussels.

The second key ingredient is the joint lubricant hyaluronic acid (HA), which has a strong scientific basis for maintaining the health of the joints. HA is found naturally in the body in a wide range of tissues, including the joint cartilage. It is also a major component of synovial fluid, the naturally occurring lubricant found in the joints. HA has a variety of functions in the joint, restoring lubrication, providing cushioning, allowing movement and helping to maintain the health of the joint.

People with joint problems achieved a marked improvement in symptoms after just two weeks taking Regenovex capsules a multi-centre US study has shown. The 12 week trial showed that Regenovex eases discomfort and stiffness and helps movement.

Leading chartered and state-registered physiotherapist Paul Hobrough, founder and clinical director of Physio & Therapy UK, says "This fascinating new survey shows just how crucial it is that we look after our joints throughout our life, so that they are in good condition in our older years. Good joints mean we can stay active and enjoy the activities we love best, no matter how old we are. Keeping joints healthy as we get older is crucial in staying mobile and active."

"When we are younger we take healthy joints and getting around easily for granted, but as we age problems can develop. Poor joint care can result in pain and restricted movement, which can badly affect quality of life and mean ending or cutting back significantly on activities we love."

"Unfortunately this is a vicious circle as reduced mobility will mean the joints are used less and become even worse, leading to greater pain and further reduced mobility. Ideally we'd all think about our joints a bit more, especially what we can do to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible."

Leading nutritionist Dr Emma Derbyshire says "The evidence, and clinical experience, suggests that it's all about striking the right balance. Regular physical activity can help head off joint issues and gentle exercise can undoubtedly improve symptoms, but if you have already have arthritis or joint discomfort it's about maintaining mobility, not aiming for the marathon."

Dr Derbyshire adds "Given what we now know about hyaluronic acid, it also makes sense to try a supplement, or use a topical HA gel, like Regenovex, to help maintain joint function and mobility. We've always emphasised the importance of staying mobile to slow the progression of joint problems. Now research into HA explains how taking HA-enriched supplement can set up a virtuous cycle as symptom reduction makes it easier to stay mobile, and improved mobility will bring even more benefits in terms of pain relief and joint function."

Regenovex® is available in two unique, technically advanced formulations - Regenovex® Capsules. An advanced formulation designed for daily joint health, one-a-day Regenovex® Capsules are very small and easy to swallow. Regenovex® Gel is for targeted application on individual joints. Easy to use Regenovex® Gel is dispensed via a pump and can be rubbed on the joint up to 3 times per day.

Regenovex® is suitable for adults of all ages and particularly those over 39.

Regenovex® Capsules, and Gel should not be used by pregnant/breastfeeding women or by those allergic to molluscs or shellfish.

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