The human body is a complicated structure that has around 206 bones. The number is much more than this for newborn babies. At few areas in our body, two or more bones join with each other.

These areas are called joints. These areas in our body help us to move, rotate, bend, or roll to give a right movement to the body. Joints require a closer attention to function throughout the life, as they help us in keeping us mobile and active throughout the day.

Whenever you walk, jump, run, or do any body movement, these joints are sure to take part in them.

Due to continuous use of these body parts, they may get worn out over a period of time. Due to this, they can often create problems for you.

These problems increase manifold with the increasing age. Nowadays, various types of orthopaedic problems are showing up early, making people suffer from them. As per a study report, about 40% of people in the USA are suffering from arthritis and other joint-related health problems.

In most of the cases, things can go out of control when a person reaches old age. Before you suffer from these joint issues, you must know how to keep your joints fit and healthy. Following are 10 ways to take care of your joints till old age:

Avoid Sitting for Long: Sitting while working can cause a terrible amount of damage to the body, especially the joints. You should avoid sitting continuously for a long time.

Maintain a Healthy Posture: Posture is the way you hold your body while sitting, standing or even running. You need to maintain the correct posture to keep the joints safe from any unhealthy bends.

Do not Strain Your Body: Both stress and strain can be harmful for the body. By straining your body, you're actually putting more pressure to the joints and that can be fatal at times. This is one of the top 10 ways to take care of your joints till old age.

Relax While You Take Rest: You need to relax both physically and psychologically while taking rest. This leaves an indirect effect on the joints, thus making you stay healthy and work without it creating much problems for you.

Follow A Good Diet: Often, joints and other bones of the body decay due to lack of nutrients and other chemicals in the body. You should take a healthy diet that contains all the vital nutrients to make the bones and joints stronger and healthier.

Exercise Regularly: Most of the orthopaedic doctors and physiotherapists suggest people to exercise on a regular basis. You should go for a walk almost every day in the morning. The fresh morning air can bring your body vitality to face bone decay.

Gain Muscles: Though adding a heavy amount of muscles can be harmful, you can always try to add some of them to protect the joints under a heavy layer. This can help prevent them from any wear and tear.

Live According to Your Age: This is one of the top 10 ways of take care of your joints till old age. You should never try to do something extraordinary that does not suit your age.

Make A Plan: Planning for a healthy life is your responsibility. Take suggestions of the specialists and chart out a healthy diet plan to follow. This can be beneficial for you while you grow old.

Do Not Feel Complacent: Feeling complacent to a healthy body can be harmful. You need to have a close look at your body, instead of feeling relaxed at all times.

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