Are We Facing an Antibiotic Apocalypse?
Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without antibiotics? According to a recent article in Scientific American, we may be quickly facing a world where antibiotics are no longer able to fight drug-resistant bacteria.

The Rise of Drug-Resistant Superbugs
The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Margaret Chan said, “The rise of antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis,” and the problem is “reaching dangerously high levels” in all parts of the world and could eventually lead to “the end of modern medicine as we know it.”

Scientists are calling it the “antibiotic apocalypse” and have been warning that the situation will only get worse unless dramatic changes in policy and public awareness about antibiotic use happen.

Replacing Antibiotics
With the end of antibiotics close at hand, what is the most effective alternative? To protect ourselves and those we love, there is a pressing need for an effective antimicrobial agent that kills disease-causing microorganisms including virus, bacteria, molds, fungus …and doesn’t cause harmful side effects.

Finding a reliable antimicrobial source could be as easy as returning to our traditional medicinal roots. For centuries, medicinal silver has been used for its healing and preventative properties. In fact, silver was the main antibiotic prescribed in medicine until around 1940.

The Silver Bullet
Recent research on silver at Boston University published in Scientific American shows that silver can actually increase the killing effect of antibiotics on bacteria, making antibiotics up to 1,000 times more effective. Specific colloidal silver formulations have also been shown to effectively treat wounds, Lyme disease, pneumonia, herpes, shingles and more.

However, before you run out and purchase a bottle of colloidal silver at your local drugstore, you’ll want to consider the fact that not all colloidal silver formulas are manufactured equally, and so of course, not all colloidal silver formulas perform equally well. Naturally, you’ll want to find a formula that is the most effective. In this case, let the research numbers do the talking.

Proven Research
Results RNA has substantial studies behind their formula, Advanced Cellular Silver ACS 200 Extra Strength, currently prescribed by practitioners in over 15 countries. With decades of research, ACS 200 was proven back in the 1980’s at UCLA to kill over 650 disease causing microorganisms. This claim is unique to ACS 200 Extra Strength, and no other brand of Colloidal Silver can claim these results.

Additional studies show that ACS 200 is proven to achieve 99.9999% (complete) kill against 657 microorganisms, including a number which are notoriously hard to kill, including Borrelia burgdorferi (the organism associated with Lyme disease), Powassan virus, Rhinovirus, Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella bongori, Candida albicans and MRSA.

Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial
ACS 200 Extra Strength is far more advanced in both safety and efficacy than traditional colloidal silver, providing 200 PPM (parts per million) cellular silver that has been proven capable of rapidly killing an enormous array of disease-causing organisms as well as destroying viruses, fungi, parasites and spirochetes.

And unlike antibiotics, which have numerous side effects including destroying healthy gut flora, ACS 200 does not harm healthy gut flora or the mammalian cells of the body.

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