According to Marist Poll, 12% of Americans believe that shedding off some calories and getting the body into shape is a top priority at the start of the year followed by getting a better job at 10%. Other health-related concerns such as quitting smoking, exercising more, and improving one's overall health tied at 9%.

In a similar poll conducted last year, weight loss was also voted as the leading New Year's resolution for 2015 at 13%. Surprisingly, 64% of those surveyed reported that they fulfilled their vows.
"Historically, people say everybody starts and everyone quits. But that's not true. Of course, not everyone succeeds. But we find that the majority do stick with it," remarked Mike Arteaga of Mike Arteaga's Health and Fitness Centers as quoted saying by Poughkeepsie Journal.

Arteaga also advised that achieving your ideal weight should be based on finding the exercise that suits you best.

In another note, a local Ohio-based gym adds a rather interesting twist on New Year's resolution.
Source Fitness gym in St. Clairsville, Ohio prohibits their members from making weight lose resolutions. Instead, they encourage members to set long-term goals such as making overall fitness and health improvements.

"New Year's resolutions based on weight are especially problematic in that regard and the weight can easily come right back -- sometimes double. Once someone gets a set of healthy habits and behaviors down, the weight loss naturally follows," told Green as mentioned byWTRF 7 News.

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