We're in that time where people worry about becoming the office sneezer, or worse, becoming bedridden with sickness.

The flu doesn't discriminate and is fully capable of affecting any of us. Hopefully you've already received a flu shot, but there are additional steps to take to maintain your health. Below are four steps to inculcate into your daily routine to be healthy.

1. Sleep
"It starts with getting good sleep," said Jay Cooper, director of ancillary services for Mobile Medical Response. "You should sleep in consistent, regular sleep patterns."

Cooper suggests targeting seven to eight hours a night for adults and going to bed and waking up at the same time every day as much as possible. Teens should target nine hours, and school-aged child should hit at least ten.

2. Nutrition
It's no secret what you eat affects your body, and it's no different when it comes to the flu. A proper diet boosts your immune system, making it more likely to fend off the flu.

And with the holidays winding down, many of us have likely enjoyed not only tasty desserts, but alcoholic drinks as well. Avoid regularly overindulging in alcohol since it wears away the linings of your mouth and esophagus. This makes it more susceptible for viruses and bacteria to enter your body, allowing the flu to takeover.

Additionally, Cooper recommends one-a-day vitamins to further bolster your system.

3. Hand washing
If you aren't already regularly washing your hands, then please start doing so. It's not only healthy for you, but everyone else around you.

"You need to wash your hands multiple times a day," Cooper said. "Everything we touch has bacteria and germs on it."

Proper hand washing comprises of warm water, soap, a 30- to 40-second scrub and rinse. After washing, also be cognizant of what you touch immediately after. The hand washing process is incredibly important.

4. Keep hands/items away from your mouth
This isn't so much about being a germophobe, but having a good understanding of how situations affect your health. Don't bite your fingernails, don't chew pens and don't stick things in your mouth. Introducing a potential bacteria-riddled item into your mouth is a surefire way to get sick.

People miss work every year because of the flu. While you might not worry about the impact of your employer, it still impacts yourself. Being bedridden gets expensive quickly. Not only that, if you have children, you are further putting them at risk.

Even when vaccinated, the tips above are required to ensure a healthy environment and a healthy you.

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