Go ahead: Stop checking your email during vacation. It will make you a better worker in the long run.

Late last year, LinkedIn joined the ranks of tech companies (like Netflix) offering employees unlimited time off. Here’s the catch: Research shows that without set guidelines, some people will never ask for vacation. But it’s key to take full advantage of however much time off you’re given, says Christine Carter, PhD, a sociologist at UC Berkeley: “Not doing any work is critical to reaping the benefits of vacation,” which include reducing your risk of heart attack and depression. Get the most out of your breaks.

1. See how it helps your boss
Don’t regard your day off as a hassle. “Studies show that net productivity increases before and after a vacation,” says Dr. Carter.

2. Have a vacation buddy
Ask a trusted colleague to check your emails while you’re away and organize them by priority, so you don’t return to an overstuffed inbox.

3. Schedule a re-entry day
Plan a day once you’re home to return emails and restock the fridge. You’ll stay more relaxed if you’re not scrambling to catch up.

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