What does detoxifying really mean? And what benefits does a person get given proper detoxification?

On Monday's (January 4) episode of Serbisyo All Access, CNN Philippines sat down with Dr. Harris Acero, an expert in alternative medicine, to discuss detoxification and how it affects a person's health.

According to Acero, detoxification comes in many forms. It could be mental, physical, and emotional — and the basic description is that it is a way of removing toxins from the body.

In a way, it is a form of general cleaning for the body.

He said there were two forms of detoxification: internal and external. Internal includes taking medication such as laxatives and diuretics which help purge the body of toxins ingested.

External detoxification, on the other hand, involves machines which help cleanse organs such as the liver and stomach.

He explained that there are specific detoxification methods for the liver, the gallbladder, colon, and the kidneys.

Acero added that detoxifying the liver and kidneys is done because both organs play a huge role in making that sure a person's body performs at its optimum.

He said the liver filters blood, it is responsible for the absorption of vitamins and minerals as well as whatever medication a person may be taking.

Toxins in the body include chemicals a person eats like food additives such as colorings and preservatives. He clarified that although some additives are approved for consumption, the problems is that these accumulate in the body.

Proper detoxification, he said, would be similar to overhauling a vehicle – extremely beneficial.

Acero added that stress was also a powerful toxin.

One way to control toxins, Acero said, was to eat in moderation. Salads are good, he said, but they lose their health benefits if loaded with dairy products.

Acero mentioned that internal detoxification was the best form of detox, and that with proper knowledge, a person could make use of food items found at home.

He is a proponent of what he calls "kitchen detoxification."

"Not everyone can afford expensive detoxification processes and packages," he added.

Sweating, he said, was also an acceptable form of detoxification as the skin is considered the body's 'second kidneys."

"Toxins are released when a person sweats," he explained.

Improving one's digestive system is also beneficial. He said removing seeds from food, drinking eight to 10 glasses of water daily, and chewing food at least 25 times before swallowing greatly, and avoiding eating too much fatty food helps with that.

He did recommend, however, drinking lukewarm water over cold water as it helps in the breaking down of oil and fat in food.

Acero said discipline is key in detoxification. Controlling food intake, choosing the right kind of food to eat, and planning when to undergo the detox process will give the best result.

Acero said proper detoxification ensures that a person's organs will function well, and may reduce any ailments that may result from the buildup of toxins in the body.

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