With summer fast approaching, I’m sure you’re pretty close to booking that much-neededholiday. When I’ve decided, the count-down begins and I find myself in a reoccurring predicament of wanting to look and feel great when hitting the beach in my latest swimsuit. I’m sure you can all agree on the struggle for finding motivation to hit the gym or start eating clean, when our day to day routines seem impossible to break out of!

Your ideal fitness goal may seem a lifetime away, but I can assure you that with the right strategy and positive mind-set, you’ll be cartwheeling your way into your beachwear and skipping joyfully along the beach once the results start to kick in! Check out some of my self-learnt tips you could try, to get the summer body you dream of.

Get into a routine
A daily routine gives you a sense of structure and familiarity, helping you to implement new goals as well as improving your overall well-being. If it’s in your diary you’ll be a lot more likely to stick to it, helping you to build good habits at a steady pace. I go to the gym on set days each week so I can work around my diary when planning to see friends or family, which stops me from finding reasons not to go.

Do it with friends!
We all love spending time with our friends, and achieving our fitness goals with them is even more rewarding. I go to the gym with a friend and it’s much more motivational having someone else there helping me along the way. It’ll make hard times become fun, and your fitness goals will seem a lot more achievable.

Do it because you enjoy it
There are a number of ways to keep fit out there and the gym isn’t the only option for you. There are various fitness classes you can be involved in that can add diversity to your fitness sessions, like a weekly dance class. Whatever you choose, staying active will automatically boost your metabolism. Doing something you love will make it easier to stick to and continue doing, even after your holiday.

Have a healthy lifestyle
Eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner each day will make sure you are filled with energy to conquer all of your fitness goals. Don’t try to do some fad diet because it’s less likely that you’ll stick to it.  Skipping out on any meals will mean you’ll lack in energy, only making things harder for yourself when it comes to exercising after a long day at work. I often found myself getting tired in-between meals, so started having healthy booster snacks throughout the day to keep me going.

It’s OK to have a cheat day
Don’t be expected to completely cut out fats and sugar in your diet; this will only make you crave them more, which can make you less likely to stick to your new plan. I give myself a weekly cheat day, to eat the foods that I love and try to limit on a daily basis, which this acts as a motivation throughout the week.

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