Taking a vacation is always so exciting. The minute you walk out the door, you've already checked out from your regular everyday life, bringing on a complete refresh. The last thing you want to deal with is getting sick or literally burning out while at the beach. Travel comes with lots of random germs plus the tempation of overindulgent foods. Stay healthy in all capacities with these eight smart traveling tips that leave you feeling amazing while keeping all those flu microbes far away.

Pack Juice
The day you're traveling, boost your immune system with fresh juices, or even consider doing a Suja Juice 1-Day Renewal, which helps energize and refresh your body.

Open the Window
A long car trip is such a fun way to reconnect with friends — but not their germs. Instead of opting for air conditioning, which moves the air around inside the car, open a window. This allows fresh air to flow, plus it smells nice. Also, take opportunities to get out of the car and enjoy the fresh air in your new surroundings.

Keep Your Stuff Off the Bed
Once you hit your destination, avoid putting your suitcase on the bed. You've been pulling it around all over the place picking up dirt and grime. Park it in the corner then unload everything you need. If you have sensitive skin, always pack a pillow case and hand towel while on vacation to avoid irritation due to detergents. And you can spritz all door knobs, light switches, and faucets with hand sanitizer, which ensures they're really clean.

Take a Walk
You might not feel like taking a walk after a long drive, but getting your body moving boosts your metabolism after sitting so long. And it's a great way to check out your destination and discover things you want to do.

Eat Like the Locals
Instead of being enticed by chain restaurants that you're familiar with, ask around for tips on where to eat. It's also an oportunity to try different foods and local specialties, like handcrafted cheeses, fresh fruits or vegetables, and seasonal fish.

Hit the Farmers Market
Check with your concierge for information about the local farmers market and make it a must-visit during your stay. You can pick up fresh fruit for snacking during your vacation, plus there are always tons of samples.

Cook Your Own Food
You might be tempted to eat out your entire vacation, but select a couple of nights to take advantage of your in-room kitchen or grills along the beach or where you are staying. This way you'll know exactly how the food your eating has been prepared and can be better set up to enjoy healthy options. Pick up fresh veggies from the farmers market to create a colorful snack platter or get creative with kabobs!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
You can't hydrate enough when you're out in the sun or spending your days exploring. Always pack fresh juice, water, sunblock, and hand sanitizer in your tote. This way your skin is protected inside and out. Pack a small spray bottle filled with fresh water and a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing face mist.

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