It's good to rid the body of toxins which can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed in different ways as they are harmful to the overall health, here's how to know your body may be overloaded with toxins

There are many ways toxins can enter the body (it's not only through physically inhaling poisonous things as most people imagine)

It is good to rid the body of toxins -which can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed in different ways- as they are harmful to the overall health.

There are ways to rid the body of toxins but first  here the common warning signs that indicate your body is loaded with toxins:

1. Headaches/Migraines
The brain tissues can become sensitive when the body is loaded with toxins in anyway attacking the central nervous system which manifests itself usually as headaches/migraines

Environmental, topical and food toxins attack the central nervous system and settle there. These toxins cause our brain tissues to become overly sensitive.

2. Fatigue
Constant fatigue may be as a result of toxin. When toxin accumulates in the body, it slows down the body system resulting in energy loss hence fatigue/tiredness.

3. Constipation
When the body is filled with toxins, regular bowel movements become almost impossible as the colon may be infected slowing down its effectiveness (it processes toxin and eliminates them via bowel movements)

4. Mood swings
Toxins in the body can also cause extreme mood swings.

5. Unhealthy weight gain
Accumulation of toxins/chemicals in the body can cause fluctuation in body weight. It is also associated with obesity.

6. Skin issues
When the body is constantly exposed to toxins, it shows on the skin. When the body feels good from inside out and vice versa it shows but if loaded with toxins, the body shows it in form of possible rashes, breakouts and even sweating excessively.

Other ways to know includes bad breath, insomnia, high temperature and more.


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