When you’re on the road, it can seem impossible to hang on to your healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to fall into the convenience of fast food and allow your body to become tight, cramped and stagnant. But traveling doesn’t mean you have to abandon your wholesome way of living. While it takes a little foresight, try these tips when you’re journeying away from your home.

Pack snacks! Currently journeying on a long road trip myself, I cannot overstate the emotional and physical importance of having a stash of healthy comfort foods. Many of us have unique diets or dietary preferences that make travel a little more complicated. Even if not, gas station fare barely qualifies as food. Be prepared! Keep some wholesome energy bars in your bag, a few packets of almond butter, some fruit or baby carrots or whatever you love to snack on that lends itself to the road. Having healthy snacks on hand will make you feel better, and you’ll enjoy the trip much more. Plus, when you get to your destination, you won’t feel bad about indulging in something truly decadent and memorable.

Bring a tennis ball. No, not to lob across a court, to keep your muscles loose. Using a tennis ball or a mini foam roller to roll out your muscles is paramount if you are spending hours in a cramped position, like in a car or an airplane seat. Not sure how to roll? Don’t worry, I’ve covered the basics here. Oh, and if you have a dog, bring a couple extras, assuming your pup wants a stash of his or her own.

Get outside. Travel is exhausting, and you can easily spend hours (if not days) indoors, never letting a stray beam of direct sunlight hit your skin. But, you need sunlight. It makes you feel good and will stave off the melancholy that can result from being cooped up for too long. If that’s not enough, think about how much vitamin D you’re depriving your body of! Travel is stressful and takes a toll on your body. Ease your stress and make time to step outside.

Do something you love. While doing something you love every day is great life advice, it is especially important when you’re traveling. No one likes to sit in a cramped seat all day. Try to fit in an outdoor activity while you’re out stretching your legs, or at least read a page-turning book or jam out to a guilty pleasure album. A big travel day can easily get you down if you’re not careful. The key is to keep those endorphins flowing even though your body is physically stagnant.

Keep active. Make sure you stretch often. If you can, plan a long walk or short hike into your itinerary. Your day will be so much better if you do. If you can, try to get some exercise before you hit the road to calm and reset your body. Even wine-guzzling Kerouac would do hikes and daily headstands when he was On the Road. It’s not hard to find a local yoga class, and they can do miracles for the stressed out, traveling body.

Ditch bottled water. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t make it okay to guzzle down dozens of disposable water bottles. If you’re going through airport security, bring an empty canteen and fill it up on the other side. Bottled water is an environmental atrocity, and the chemicals that leach in to the water from the plastic (like BPAs) can really disrupt your hormonal balance. Water is easily had for free (in areas with clean water), so invest in a great canteen or two and opt for clean hydration on your trip.

Those are the basic elements that have helped me to stay healthy on my travels. What tips or tricks do you follow when you’re traveling? Do you find it easy to maintain your healthy lifestyle? Share with us below!

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