With the Rio 2016 Olympics underway, a lot of kids are likely glued to their televisions watching their favorite athlete, hoping they'll make the gold.

Olympic athletes – both former and hopeful – are offering tips for healthy living during the school year through an app called Kurbo. The tips include everything from food choices and sleep habits, to best shoes for exercise.

Below are their tips: 
1. "Get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Not only does sleep aid in recovery and weight loss, but research shows that memory, learning, focus and motivation are negatively affected by sleep loss," said Coach Melissa Gergel, who competed in pole vault in the 2016 Olympic trials.

2. "I've found that having a purpose behind your running/training tends to increase your performance. There will be tough days on the track. Your 'purpose' may be the very thing that gets you through such days," said Coach Manteo Mitchell, an Olympic medalist int he Track & Field 400 meter. "Make sure you have a GREAT pair of shoes to get the job done."

4. "It takes a bit of planning and packing of snacks throughout the day but I make it work. Another critical factor to my health is I drink a lot of water every day, I strive for at least a gallon of water daily," said Coach Mike Dellemann, former Team USA Skeleton athlete.

5. "Set an alarm before bed to help start each day on track," said Coach Hyleas Fountain, American Heptathlete 2008 silver medalist. "Always have fruit in the house to grab and go."

6. "I do some type of exercise every day, I rarely drink sugary drinks and I never drink soda," said Coach Jevon Hutchinson, Team USA Track athlete.

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