With the holiday weekend coming up, many of us will be traveling, camping, or otherwise not able to swing our normal workout routine. Instead we’re going to be hanging out at the lake with friends and family.

So how we manage to get our physical activity in if we’re hanging with a bunch of couch potatoes? We play a game like 52 pickup!

We all know the “game” that is really a practical joke, but there is another version of it that is much more fun. The premise is pretty simple: each suit is a different exercise, and you flip the cards over one at a time completing the number of reps represented by that particular card.

I typically try to include some kind of lower body exercise (squats or lunges), and upper body exercise (pushups), a core exercise (crunches), and some kind of cardio burst (jumping jacks or mountain climbers). Jokers give you a two minute break.

I’ll admit that I frequently mix up the types of exercises that I do within each suit to avoid having form go out the window and folks getting an injury. This helps spread the love around to different muscles within the group!

It also helps keep the workout interesting. It also allows each particular exercise to be customized to the needs of any participant with a chronic injury.

This game is a great group exercise as it includes the element of luck. The other really nice thing about this particular workout is that everyone in the group can do it.

The kids like the “game” aspect, the adults like the fact that you can modify as needed, and everyone gets the workout they need. Doing a workout that has the element of chance in it adds a level of fun that everyone I have ever done this workout with enjoys, from kids all the way up to seniors.

So have fun out there this weekend. We may not be able to out-train a bad diet, but letting our hair down and having a good time every now and again is important for mental health. And really, no fun weekend is complete without a little practical joke right?

So bring a deck of cards along. Just make sure someone else shuffles it and flips the cards so you don’t get blamed for the string of face cards that crop up in the last 10 cards.

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