You are not eating carbohydrates after 7 pm, eating only homemade, healthy foods and are super conscious about your diet, but still the needle on the weighing scale won't move. Well, the fault is not in your diet. Ashishh Gupta, director at Gold's gym and Nature Fit says that not everyone is aware of the bad in the good things, and this is where the problem lies. Some of the common ones are listed here.

You only cook in olive oil but do you know that if the bottle reads 10% of olive oil, the remaining is vegetable oil? So read the nutritional information on the asterix part on the pack before you buy one. You can also use other healthy oils like canola and sunflower oil.

How many times have you avoided eating ghee only because it adds calories in your diet? Unlike vegetable ghee and dalda, which most of us use for cooking, ghee is healthy as it not only lubricates the bones but also prevents heart blockages along with aiding in weight loss.

Organic food is another fad, which people think can aid in weight loss. Well, the truth is organic foods does not lower the calories in the food. It doesn't contain pesticides and chemicals. So whether you eat organic food or regular one, the calories are same.

Eating salad all day long but still not shedding an inch? Well, the reason is that your bowl of salad has more accompaniments than fresh vegetables. For example, adding a dash of ketchup to make it tasty is fine but loading it up with one, will only add calories. Choose vegetables rich in fibre for salad to keep you full for a long time to lose weight.

You can have dairy products daily as they also contain protein and calcium. If you are conscious about fat content, then opt for skimmed milk products. But avoid eating dairy products as they can lead to fat storage.

Most people believe that eating loads of fruit and drinking juices is the best way to detox. But keep in mind that juices are high in fructose, fruit sugar, which only adds to the calorie count. So be careful about the sugar content of fruits like mangoes, banana, chickoos, lychees are high in sugar.


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